Lasse Ustrup

Welcome to my tech-sphere. My name is Lasse, and I'm here to make sure that we create top-notch products that users love, that are delivered on time and at the right budget. I love working in fast-paced environments within Technology and IT and I always bring to the table an entreprenurial mindset!

What I Do

Product Management

I thrive in the span between business and IT. I speak the language of users, developers and CxO and I confidently align teams on a mission. From idea to launch I am there for the team!

Communication Connoisseur

My technical and business background enables me to communicate with any stakeholder in a project. Things I may come across in my daily job includes (but is not limited to) anything from writing up technical requirement specifications to producing launch material for new products.

Business Strategy

Creating products that suit the business' vision and forward strategy is part of every project I undertake. I create roadmaps and align strategies across teams and products. Among others, I helped develops a Benefit Realization Plan at Digital@Deloitte to ensure a standardized suite of tools to ensure benefits are realized in any project.

Launching Products

Launching - and subsequently maintaining and developing on IT products is a primary passion of mine. There's nothing more satisfying than seing a project come to life and in the hands of capable users. Tracking and analyzing data to further improve solutions is an integrated part of my work every day!


Fun Facts

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Working Hours


Man. United Supporter

23 years

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